Trayvax Ascent Front Wallet In Hand

REVIEW: Trayvax Ascent Minimalist Wallet

Trayvax’s Ascent wallet is a special kind of minimalist product. It isn’t for the minimalist who wants to slim their pockets and minimize the weight of their loadout. Instead, Trayvax has armed the Ascent to delight the customer who wants an ultra-tough wallet that matches their minimal lifestyle and can last for the long-haul while looking good, too.

Distil Union Wally Bifold Wallet

Best 6 Wallets with Money Clips

Money clip wallets are a relatively newer innovation in the wallet industry. Since these wallets don’t store bills in their full length you’ll find that they are typically slimmer and feature smaller profiles. Thus, these kinds are wallets are usually some of the best choices for front pocket carry. Keep on reading for our recommendations on what we think are the best wallets with money clips!

Trayvax Contour Wallet Review

Trayvax stands behind their wallet with pride – and it’s for a good reason. The material selection and build quality is above average and the design is simple and intuitive to use. Backed by a 65 year warranty (which even offers out of warranty repairs at cost plus shipping) this wallet could easily last someone a lifetime.