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Nomatic Black Wallet
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The NOMATIC Wallet is one of the most minimalistic wallets on the market. This wallet should be on your short list if you’re in the market for an ultra-small and compact wallet at an affordable price range.



nomatic wallet - Full Review

Review by Derrick Beil

The NOMATIC wallet (formerly known as the BASICS wallet) is the product of an ultra-successful wallet campaign in 2015 which was backed by over 6,000 people and raised over $170K. I know… I know… Kickstarter wallets are a dime a dozen but fret not, these guys at NOMATIC are the real deal. In fact, since the original wallet campaign, NOMATIC has gone on to develop and launch an entire suite of quality everyday carry essentials such as backpacks, luggage, notebooks, packing cubes, and even planners. You’ll find that each of these products is carefully designed to maximize functionality and this wallet was the start of that trend.

Wallet Build & Materials

The wallet is almost entirely made of medical-grade woven elastic which can be ordered in black, grey, red, or mint colors. Along the bottom (and through the sides) runs a pull tab topped with genuine leather. I was delighted to unpack my two review units and find that all the stitches were doubled back and super neat – not a single frayed thread in sight.

Nomatic Wallet Black WornImage courtesy of @coffee_and_edc

I’ve been carrying the NOMATIC wallet exclusively for the last 4 weeks. In that time my carry has varied between 5-15 cards, 0-8 bills, and miscellaneous change, keys, and business cards stuffed inside. As the wallet was broken in, the elastic stretched out slightly but not too much – items still fit snuggly and aren’t liable to fall out. The pull strap works as perfectly at the end of week 4 as it did on week 1. All in all, I have no concerns about whether the wallet can stand the test of time. In fact, one of our faithful followers on Instagram (image above) has had this exact wallet for much longer than I. His unit’s leather pull tab has worn in nicely and developed a beautiful patina that compliments the black elastic perfectly.


The overall design of the NOMATIC wallet is surprisingly functional given its super minimalistic and simple layout. Coming in 4 different colors ranging from bold (red or mint) to modest (grey and black) the wallet will fit in well for most occasions. It’s definitely not pocket jewelry like The Ridge Wallet or Trayvax’s Contour Wallet but it’s still a good looking minimalist wallet.

In terms of wallet layout, you’ll find that it’s essentially a two-sided pocket divided by a pull strap through the center. Cards can be inserted in either the top or bottom and a built in pocket creates storage for cash, bills, and other small items.

Nomatic Wallet Pull Tab AccessStaying true to the NOMATIC brand, this wallet features an innovative dual-action pull tab. By dual-action I mean that one pull on the front tab reveals cards through both the top and bottom. This allows access to not just 1 or 2 cards (like most other slim wallets) but rather 4 (2 from the stack on top and 2 from the stack exposed below). Moreover, once the top cards are ejected, the elastic allows you to fan cards out even further to aid in accessing cards in the middle the stack.

One thing to keep in mind with this wallet is that your cards are always exposed. Thus, I wouldn’t recommend this wallet for business card storage since cards will wear much faster than in traditional folding wallets or other slim wallets that fully cover and protect cards.

Daily use

Upon opening the NOMATIC wallet I was confronted with the task of ordering my cards. Usually with stacked card wallets you put your most used card or ID on the top, second most used card at the bottom, and cards in between in whatever order suits you best. However, with this wallet you get more flexibility. By splitting the stack into two, NOMATIC gives immediate access to 4 cards instead of 2. This was a huge positive to me as I typically use 3 cards and my ID – so, no more fumbling with cards toward the center of the stack.

Nomatic Wallet Grey Side Pocket

NOMATIC says there is a dedicated cash pocket, but really it’s just a ‘pocket’ created between the elastic sides and the cards contained within. Cash, keys, and other small items can be stuffed down inside securely. Though, there isn’t anything preventing you from pushing bills down below the top of the elastic strap which can make dealing with cash a little cumbersome. I would have personally preferred to see a dedicated cash strap or external pocket, but I understand and appreciate the minimalist approach of not including one.

Wear and Tear

Overall, my review unit didn’t show any abnormal wear during the 4 weeks I used it. All the seams remained tight and the elastic didn’t stretch out too much. Upon first use, the pull tab was a little stiff but that wore in nicely as the wallet was broken in. At the end of week 4, the strap slid smoothly without much resistance. I have no doubts of whether the wallet could last a few years.

Final Thoughts on the NOMATIC Wallet

The NOMATIC wallet provides a ton of value in a tiny package. At the time of publishing this review, the wallet goes for just under $20 on Amazon. For that price, you’d be hard-pressed to find something else to compete with it.

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